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Gold Valet Package

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Ranging from £60 - £100 Price depends on vehicle size and condition

Estimated time 2-3 hours

If all customers can remove parking change and personal effects from the vehicle before hand please. This helps us focus on the job and also avoids loose change getting sucked up by the hoover.

  • Full Vac and brush-down including mats, vents, console, pockets, boot and parcel shelf to remove dust, dirt, and dog hair
  • Autoglym interior is used to wash seats, mats, foot wells, door pockets, all plastics and head lining, the super absorbent Autoglym cloth is used to remove moisture. (Stain Remover applied if relevant)
  • Spray Extraction Vacuum is available for heavily solid interiors and we avoid over wetting
  • Finishing treatments include – Full glass, mirrors and instrument glass clean
  • Autoglym plastic sheen to bring out the best of the plastic finish
  • Final Vac and deodorize
  • HOT WATER High pressure power pre-rinse from our heated water tank. (Snow foam or a carefully chosen traffic film remover applied if suitable)
  • Autoglym Acid Free Wheel Cleaner
  • Autoglym HP Neutral shampoo using high quality mitt and two bucket cleanse
  • HOT WATER High pressure rinse (provided by our heated water tank from the van) including tyre wells
  • Super large towel dry
  • Autoglym Tar & Adhesive remover
  • Rinse/Dry
  • Wax (Autoglym Super Resin Polish) Upgrade to go on top of polish to protect for 60 washes to (Autoglym HD Definition) which is highly recommended for an extra £10
  • Tyre black treatment
  • Final inspection (Windscreen Wash & Oil level check if suitable)
We do a full inspection and then we require the customer to look round the vehicle to make sure they are fully satisfied with the work carried out.

Extra's you can add to your Valet
  • Claybar + £15
  • Fill up Windscreen wash (Autoglym high concentrated) + £5
  • Treat around the door sills with (Fast Sheen) to help prevent ice + £10
  • Alloy wheel seal to protect wheels and makes future cleaning easier + £10
  • Higher grades of Wax available please ask, higher grade waxes can be selected due to the colour of the vehicle or how long it protects the paint + £10
  • Engine clean generally for people selling a vehicle we only clean diesel engines + £10
  • Autoglym scuff remover sponge applied to interior + £10

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